Our company produces and offers to our clients metal fences of various designs which correspond perfectly wishes and requirements of our clients and fit finely to the living environment of households. Experts of our company consult our clients and provide with all necessary information: from the first idea to fence the territory till the last stages of fence instalment.

Poles and fence grounding

For assembling of the fences of this type commonly are used metal poles, far less – concrete poles. Poles require solid concrete grounding of the size depending on size of the fence. In order to preserve stylistic integrity of the fence and protect the area from the dirt getting from external environment, concrete wall for the future fence is founded. 


Metal fences for individual households normally are produced, using rectangle 40 x 30 mm tube for horizontal parts production. For vertical parts round or square bars of various diameters are used on customer’s request. A wide range of stylistic variation of the fence is available, also using ornaments or elements of artistic blacksmith. 

Coating, corrosion protection

Fence segments produced are thoroughly cleaned in chemical way to avoid any dirt and dust on the surface; later they are dried. The surface of fence segments is overlaid with primer of high quality produced by Finnish producer “Tikkurila”; later it is painted using the paints of the same producer in colour chosen by the customer.

Galvanization, painting using powder paint

On request of the customer, fence segments may by painted using powder paint or they may be galvanized in hot-dip way; then they are coated with the primer for galvanized surface and are painted with paint of colour selected. 

Fence of vertical solid metal bars 14×14 mm, tips are sharpened by 45 degrees. Fence of minimalistic stylistic opens clearly neatly ordered space of household and delights the eye of every passerby.

Louvre-type fence made of bent metal profiles. This is an alternative for wooden louvre-type fence. It ensures excellent stability, impact of atmospheric factors. We can produce a fence according to specifications provided by the customer; different variants are possible.

Fence of vertical solid metal bars 14×14 mm with insertions. Tips are sharpened by 45 degrees. Fence made of segments of this type protects territory from undesirable animals. 

Fence segments are produced of steel rods with double speed in the middle. Fence made of segments of this type creates an impression of conservative space. 

Fence segments of vertical bars with decorative elements. Fence made of segments of this type brightens up the space of household and make it cosy. 

Fence segments of vertical bars with blacksmith item insertion and decorated tips of segments. Fence made of segments of this type emphasises owners’ classical style and respect for traditions.